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Lynwood Community Adult School Assists Area Residents in Achieving Vocational Goals

When Najah Lawrence-Breaux graduated from Lynwood High School in 2006 she already knew she wanted to enter the health care profession as a licensed vocational nurse (LVN).

Shopping for a certified LVN training program that she could afford, Lawrence-Breaux didn’t have far to look – Lynwood High shares a campus with Lynwood Community Adult School (LCAS).

“Lynwood Community Adult School has an amazing faculty and staff that keep you focused on your dreams and goals,” Lawrence-Breaux said. “I wanted to become a nurse so that I could give back to my community, and the training I received at LCAS not only prepared me to receive my certification, it also has inspired me to become a teacher.”

Completing her LVN certification in one year, Lawrence-Breaux has since earned an AA degree in physical and biological sciences at El Camino Community College, and now works as a senior health technician at Will Rogers Elementary School in Lynwood Unified. Lawrence-Breaux is working toward a Registered Nurse certification as well as a teaching credential.

“Our mission at Lynwood Unified is to be a valuable resource for all community members, and providing crucial support beyond our K-12 curriculum pays dividends by building a stronger community,” LUSD Superintendent Paul Gothold said. “We are committed to maintaining our adult education services at the highest levels.”

Lawrence-Breaux, now married with two young daughters, is eager to pass her knowledge on to her family and also to impart some wisdom to parents and older students who may feel daunted about returning to school.

“The education you receive from Lynwood Community Adult School will make your dreams possible,” Lawrence-Breaux said.

Last week, California celebrated the efforts of programs like LCAS during Adult Education Week.

“Whether you are here to prepare for a career change or to acquire stronger language skills to assist your children’s education, Lynwood Community Adult School is dedicated to helping our students achieve their educational or vocational goals,” LCAS Principal Bambi Smith said. “We understand that our students require flexibility in their scheduling and prefer a no-frills approach that concentrates on high-quality instruction at an affordable cost.”

Serving the Lynwood community since 1954, LCAS provides a variety of low-cost educational services committed to developing self-directed learners, effective communicators and critical thinkers, with a curriculum that focuses on business and healthcare pathways, high school equivalency certificate preparation and English as a second language.

LCAS is also one of few adult school campuses to offer a teacher-directed high school diploma completion program that is teacher-directed.

LCAS has continued to provide services to area residents at a time when many adult programs raised costs or closed their doors thanks to the support of Lynwood Unified School District, which pays the salaries of LCAS staff.

In 2009, at the height of the Great Recession, California offset deep school budget cuts by allowing districts to flexibility in spending money previously locked for specific programs, including adult education. Many districts diverted money into K-12 curriculum, but Lynwood Unified maintained its commitment to adult education opportunities.