Lynwood Unified Goes Virtual to Celebrate Invaluable Partners on National Parent Involvement Day

Parents across the District were invited to join virtual classrooms and welcomed to campuses for drive-through gifts on Nov. 19 when Lynwood Unified celebrated a very unique National Parent Involvement Day.

This school year more than ever, parents have become vital collaborators who inspire children to stay on the path of distance learning.

“The role of parents has always been essential to success in this District, but it cannot be understated this year,” LUSD Superintendent Gudiel R. Crosthwaite said. “Our parents are now co-teachers, encouragers, and partners who are truly leading the way for our children. We cannot honor them enough.”

Some of those exceptional parents include Tanya Barfield, who took it upon herself to help the District improve the quality of distance learning this year. Barfield had more than a few ideas about how to improve the school experience for her two children and others when the year started, so she contacted the District and shared her thoughts. Barfield now regularly shares those same thoughts with teachers of the District as she helps to lead Online Classroom Management workshops for educators.

“Small things like changing the theme of your virtual background, or starting the class with an icebreaker or song, really go a long way in keeping a child engaged,” Barfield said. “As parents, we know if our kids are responding well to things and can offer special insight into what will keep their attention.”

Laura Ramirez has been a parent volunteer with the District since 2006 and was recently honored as a member of the District’s Parent Leader program that helps other guardians engage with their schools and children. Ramirez said that creating a culture of parent involvement has been a key to increased success in Lynwood Unified.

“The foundation for student performance begins at home. When children see their parents involved with school and engaged they follow the example,” Ramirez said. “I’m proud that Lynwood Unified allows parents to participate in the school process, make suggestions, and create relationships that strengthen the level of support for children.”

In past years, parents would join students on campuses where they were treated to presentations and performances. For this year’s celebration, schools played interactive virtual games with families, created art projects, and parents sent photos of them reading and interacting with their children. Lynwood High School distributed gift bags during a drive-through event.

The District’s Equity, Access, and Instructional Services Department held a virtual event where they recognized Parent Leaders.

“The process of honoring parents this year was decidedly different, but our appreciation for them continues to grow as they amaze us with their leadership,” LUSD Board President Gary Hardie Jr. said. “Thank you for all that you do, both seen and unseen, to blaze a trail of future success for students across the District.”