Lynwood Unified Food Pantry Serves 8,000 Families in Need During Pandemic

Lynwood – Lynwood Unified’s food pantry has served an estimated 8,000 families in need with fresh, healthy food options and continues to support the community in partnership with the City of Lynwood and local leaders.

The District’s commitment to aiding families during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has inspired collaboration throughout Lynwood and helped families face challenges. When the city recently experienced a pair of fires that destroyed property and family belongings, the pantry was a vital resource that helped some of those affected recover.

In addition to the food provided, District groups also worked to deliver gift cards.

“We are determined to stand with our community during difficult times,” LUSD Superintendent Gudiel R. Crosthwaite said. “Our food pantry is just one of the outlets that give the people of Lynwood something they can consistently depend on. With the help of city partners, we have been able to expand the helpful reach.”

Lynwood’s Greater Emmanuel Temple Church currently hosts the service, allowing families to receive pick-up-and-go groceries upon appointment at the church location. Families can request the service by contacting the Student Services hotline at 310-635-8837. Cheese, dairy kits, produce, meats, and snacks are provided.

The Lynwood Partners Educational Foundation plays a key role in funding the food. Reformed Church of Los Angeles and The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department also lends support.

Through the state’s Farm to Family program via the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, Lynwood Unified has also been able to provide the City of Lynwood with additional food for its Meals on Wheels program that serves seniors as well as those in need and is served by faith-based institutions.  

“The food pantry not only represents an important resource for those in need but an important alliance between partners who are committed to serving those around us.” Board President Gary Hardie Jr. said. “We are grateful for the partnership with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, and all of our partners that have taken the opportunity to serve our Lynwood community.”