Educator of the Week: Will Rogers Teacher Aguon Keeping Sights on Her Students

Stephanie Aguon is not a private investigator, she just plays one in her classroom. Aguon, a sixth-grade teacher at Will Rogers Elementary School, has gone to great lengths to ensure she is connecting with all 30 of her students through remote instruction.

“If you’re in my class I will find you,” Aguon says jokingly.

But she’s only partly joking. With the help of Will Rogers staff, Aguon tracked one student down who had left the country, and used TikTok to reach another. She keeps a weekly spreadsheet to document her interactions with students to make sure they are all receiving instruction and not slipping through the cracks.

Aguon is our Distance Learning Educator of the Week because she refuses to lose sight of her students - or let them lose sight of their goals.

“Teaching is a team sport, and with distance learning even more so,” Aguon said. “We have a great team at Will Rogers, and throughout the District, that is willing to pull together to share ideas, energy, and effort to keep our children on track.”

Aguon holds three Zoom classroom sessions per week and keeps unique classroom traditions like teaching her pupils to greet each other in new languages. She also stays engaged with students through occasional Prodigy math game activities.

Aguon credits the District’s Digital Coaches for one-on-one sessions that have helped her stay tech-savvy.