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Roosevelt Elementary College Fair Inspires Students to Visualize University Life

Nearly 650 Roosevelt Elementary students on April 26 taught their preschool through sixth-grade peers about school colors, mascots and programs of more than a dozen universities during the school’s third College Fair, getting everyone excited about college options.

At the beginning of the school year, each Roosevelt classroom adopted a college, then researched its programs and major offerings, showcasing their findings on large cardboard displays highlighted with pictures, pennants, maps and fun facts about their adopted school.

“Roosevelt’s comprehensive college preparation fair enables students to visualize their college experience while still in elementary school,” Lynwood Unified Superintendent Paul Gothold said. “Lynwood is committed to ensuring every student is college-ready upon graduation, and by immersing themselves in a college culture, our elementary students know exactly what it takes to attend the school of their choice.”

Roosevelt students adopted more than a dozen college campuses, from UC and Cal State schools to the Universities of Alabama and Pennsylvania. Using visual aids such as pamphlets and graduation regalia, students made presentations on their college’s major programs.

“It’s never too early for students to start thinking about what college they want to go to,” Roosevelt Elementary Principal Sandra Verduzco said. “College is not a dream for our students, it’s a plan to achieve their dream.”

Enrollment data, financial aid procedures and school demographics were among the common themes of the college displays, along with representations of school colors, mascots and pictures of significant campus architecture. Lists of subject majors and their requirements acquainted students with the school’s academic focus.

“Our College Fair is really fun, and it encourages all students to go to college and get a good career,” Roosevelt sixth-grader Ashley Vargas said. “It was really interesting to learn about the University of Pennsylvania and I hope other classes learned a lot about their adopted colleges too.”

After visiting the College Fair, all Roosevelt students completed a symbolic application to a college they found most interesting.