Lynwood Unified Summer Program to Inspire Students through Technology

Lynwood Unified School District will continue providing distance learning for students through a virtual summer school program that inspires grade-level mastery while promoting academic and creative development for future success.

The summer program will begin on June 22 for both elementary and secondary students who will receive virtual instruction that emphasizes essential curriculum and digital skills. Parents can contact their child’s school site to enroll.

“We’ve used distance learning as an opportunity to leverage technology, and that will also be a critical part of summer programs,” LUSD Superintendent Gudiel R. Crosthwaite said. “Our students and educators have become accustomed to utilizing Zoom, Google Classroom, and other programs that bridge distance and better prepare young learners for a technological world.”

Elementary students will learn English Language Arts and math, while enrichment programs will include music, theatre, dance, and physical fitness activities. Family history projects will be modeled on programs at UCLA and UC Irvine. Classes will be kept small to ensure intensive instruction.

Think Together will also be providing summer enrichment that will focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), along with social-emotional learning for grades K-8.

Secondary students will focus on tech tools and digital citizenship to help them thrive and successfully engage in the digital world.

“The summer program will merge the subjects of today with the skills needed for tomorrow,” said Shawna Dinkins, LUSD Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services. “We want our summer learners to gain an edge that leads them successfully into next year and beyond.”  

High School students will also have the chance to make up academic ground through Lynwood’s credit recovery system, which allows students to take or retake courses – often helping them overcome hardship which prevents them from a traditional path to graduation.

“Our students have overcome many recent challenges while thriving inside the classroom and out,” Board President Gary Hardie Jr. said. “Through our summer programs, we are providing students the tools to keep forging ahead on their path to success.”