Guidelines For Well-Being

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Dear Lynwood Unified Family,

Despite the challenges our community continues to face from efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19, we can do many things to ensure our physical and emotional well-being. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers guidelines for managing stress. Here are some basic practices:

Exercise and eat well: Gyms are closed but we can continue to be active and go outside as long as we maintain social distance. Eat nutritious meals, sleep seven hours a night and maintain a consistent schedule.

Help out: Many members of our communities are highly vulnerable to the impacts of the novel coronavirus. Help others, even by offering reassurance and emotional support.

Limit news intake: It can be tempting to constantly track new information. Instead, take breaks from media coverage and only use a few, authoritative sources to check for updates. Be wary of misinformation on social media. Lynwood Unified will continue to provide key links on the website to District resources. Please check public health websites for regular updates.

Social distancing, not social isolation: Connect with your loved ones, offer support and, when possible, assistance. Video chats, texting and audio calls can all help keep personal relationships strong and help us to maintain our perspectives and make us feel better.

Guide your children: Remember, children take their cues for reacting to the world from you. Already, their routines have been disrupted. Watch for their distress, reassure them and set a calm environment by limiting news intake, creating consistent schedules and incorporate times for play and fun.

The State of California has indicated that K-12 school dismissal may last longer than expected. However, state officials are ensuring communities that plans are in place to stabilize social distancing, remote learning and access to student meals.

Lynwood Unified is dedicated to the safety of students and their families. We have set up a District hotline that will allow you to submit any questions you may have at 310-635-2807. In addition, the District will provide ongoing updates through our website, social media channels, email and phone calls.