March 12, 2020 Board of Education Meeting Highlights

March 12, 2020 Board of Education Meeting

You can find the meeting agenda HERE


In anticipation of potential school closures to protect the community from COVID-19, the District passed an emergency agenda item that authorized Superintendent Gudiel R. Crosthwaite to exercise executive authority regarding the pandemic. This ultimately allowed Lynwood Unified to quickly carry out the closure of schools for a two-week period without the delay of an emergency board meeting after the move was recommended by public agencies on March 13.

The Board of Education has stayed proactive in response to the public health issue, and held an emergency board meeting on March 6 to ensure there were updated emergency plans, communication protocols, and the District is receiving updated information from the various local and state health agencies.


A resolution passed to change existing language in the law from “at-risk” youth to “at-promise”. “At-risk” is a damaging label that can have an adverse effect on a child, whereas “at-promise” reinforces that every child has the capability to succeed and celebrates each student’s potential.


Out of an abundance of caution, students of Lynwood Unified were excused from the meeting as the District continues safe practices in prevention of COVID-19. Seating for the meeting was spaced throughout the boardroom to preserve social distancing as advised by public health agencies.

Lynwood Unified still celebrated its students, however, through video recordings of student reports produced by each high school. The reports touted college preparation programs, recent SAT and PSAT test takers and past Black History Month events.

You can view each high school here:

Firebaugh High School

Lynwood High School

Lynwood Adult School


It was announced that The California Department of Education (CDE) has received a special waiver that has allowed Lynwood Unified to provide meals to the community despite school closures.

All meals are taken offsite to decrease the risk of spreading germs. This exception was made to enable students to continue to be fed without increasing the risk of spreading germs.


Chief Business Officer Gregory Fromm presented the District’s second interim financial report. The 2019-2020 Second Interim financial projections indicate that the district will meet its financial obligations in the current and subsequent two fiscal years and warrant a positive certification. There are no major deficiencies, the minimum reserve is met and the overall deficit is shrinking.

The next budget hearing and adoption will be in June.


School improvement service agreements were approved to continue updating facilities throughout the District, including:

  • An additional agreement to prepare demolition plans and specifications of Lynwood Middle School’s auditorium. 
  • An agreement with team inspection for on-call services districtwide at various school sites.


A resolution posthumously recognizing parent volunteer and community leader Robert Williams who gave tireless efforts to improve the lives of students in the Lynwood community.