Rosa Parks Elementary Teacher Charlotte Taylor Named District’s Teacher of the Year

Rosa Parks Elementary School teacher Charlotte Taylor has been named the District’s Teacher of the Year for her ability to civically engage students with the community and inspire them in the classroom.

Charlotte was honored alongside the District’s 20 TOY nominees at the May 9 Board of Education meeting which featured a packed audience of cheering students, family members and colleagues.

Taylor is known for a teaching philosophy rooted in person-centered theory. Congratulations to Taylor as well as all of the nominees who continually make an impact on students.

Teacher of the Year Nominees

Tracy Huesca, Lugo Elementary; Sandy Woo, Abbott Elementary; Blanca Cardenas, Hellen Keller Elementary; Lenora Anson, Lincoln Elementary; Johnny Lindsey, Lindbergh Elementary; Tracey Marie Ellis, Lugo Elementary; Amanda Rudman, Mark Twain Elementary; Maricela Serrano, Thurgood Marshall Elementary; Olivia Virginia Parker, Roosevelt Elementary; Charlotte Taylor, Rosa Parks Elementary; Latrice Michelle Jackson, Washington Elementary; Stephanie Aguon, Will Rogers Elementary; Alexandra Munoz, Wilson Elementary; Silvia Stone, Cesar Chavez Middle; Brandyn-Jade Qualles, Hosler Middle; Mario Rolando Castro, Lynwood Middle; Caitlin Brock, Firebaugh High; Brenda Rivera, Lynwood High; Anthony Garza, Vista High; Scott Wiseman, Lynwood Adult.